Ponemos en el conocimiento de nuestros amables lectores que todo el material que ofrecemos como posts en este blog ha sido extraído de la obra LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO, previa autorización de su autor nuestro distinguido amigo Prof. Jon Aizpurua.

No nos atreveríamos a divulgar este precioso e invaluable material doctrinario y de divulgación de la cultura espírita si no tuviésemos de antemano la autorización expresa de su autor, de lo contario incurriríamos en el plagio, actitud que nos despierta repugancia tan sólo con mencionar el término.

Hemos escogido esta obra, LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL
ESPIRITISMO, porque estamos seguros que ella constituye la exposición más actualizada de los postulados doctrinarios expresados por el Codificador Allan Kardec, enmarcados en nuevo contexto paradigamático; el vigente en estos tiempos que corren.

En LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO el autor reinvidica el verdadero carácter de la Doctrina Espírita, como un sistema de pensamiento laico, racionalista, e iconoclasta, alejado de todo misticismo religioso, tal como fue codificada la Doctrina por el Maestro Allan Kardec en el siglo diecinueve.

Esta obra es eminentemente didáctica, porque está escrita en un estilo ágil y ameno, sin que por ello pierda consistencia en su brillante exposición de ideas, llegando a toda clase de público lector, desde el estudioso del Espiritismo hasta aquellas personas que se encuentran en la búsqueda de una filosofía racional que les ayude a pensar al mundo y a sí mismos.

René Dayre Abella
Nos adherimos a los postulados doctrinarios sustentados por la Confederación Espiritista Panamericana, que muestran a la Doctrina Espírita como un sistema de pensamiento filosófico laico, racionalista e iconoclasta. Alejado de todo misticismo religioso. Apoyamos la Carta de Puerto Rico, emanada del XIX Congreso de la CEPA en el pasado año 2008.

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2019


According to Kardec, Spiritist meetings/sessions
should be approached by participants with
solemnity and serious contemplation, especially to
provide the proper moral and spiritual ambiance
to attract the help of our spirit protectors.

Attending Spirit Communication Sessions:
The group of persons attending a spirit session
can influence the ambience and can affect the
spirit/medium interchange.
If between the group attending, the director and
the mediums there is NOT a harmony of
sentiments and an affinity of objectives, they
cannot even guarantee the basics of continuous
good spirit communications.
Each incarnated being emanates a certain
measurable amount of energy and the ambient of
a spirit session is composed of the sum of those
energies of each person in the group.
The obvious result of this, is that due to affinity,
the quality of the communications is intimately
linked, consistent with the energetic canopy of
protection generated by these beings.
Within this consistent ambient it is especially
necessary to depend on the mediums with their

faculties, that they be amply developed and of a
personal condition adequate for their required
It is a good practice that before attending a
mediumship session, individuals may want to do a
self-evaluation of oneself, or our positive and
negative qualities, and ask for spiritual
equilibrium, by elevating our thoughts and hearts
to our spirit protectors in prayer.
A medium session is like a symphony orchestra;
an organized mediumship session with clear,
sincere objectives can move feelings and
sentiments of those who attend.
Spirits are sensitive regarding our thoughts and
sentiments (on a personal level and the group as a
whole) and they react to them, this affects the
spirit communications.
(Information from CEPA International Spiritist

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Yvonne C. Limoges

2Spiritist Society of Florida, October Newsletter 2019

A Spiritist meeting is a “collective being whose
qualities and properties are the result of the
totality of its members.” (Kardec’s The Mediums'
Book, Chap. XXIX, item 331).
Three Types of Meetings:
1. Frivolous - participants regard spirit
manifestations as an amusement, no serious
results, frivolous questions and conversations
2. Experimental - production of physical
a. for the curious: non-instructive
b. for the serious: study of the laws of the
invisible world
3. Instructive - research and study of Spiritism
and its doctrine; instruction regarding morality.
Qualities of an Instructive Meeting
Spiritists should have:
 a grave and concentrated mind
 a perfect community of views and
 reciprocity of kindly feelings among the
 abnegation of every sentiment contrary to
 a general desire of the truth
 exclusion from the setting of everything of
 concentration of thought and desire in the
pursuit of the common end and in the
evocation of the spirits whose presence is
 cooperation of the mediums, with the
disinterested desire to be useful, without
vanity, ambition, or any other selfish
(A summary from Kardec’s The Mediums' Book
Chap. XXIX)

A spirit communication:
Mediumship is the precious opportunity to put
into realization an act of Divine Love and of
Supreme Charity.
Your eyes cry needed tears for those who no
longer have material ones. Your tears erase, a
little at a time, through repentance, the past
wrongful doings of a spirit. Through your
mediumship you relate life stories that liberate
those who would like to clear their conscience and
relieve themselves of rancor, remorse and
unlimited anguish.
Do not resist use of your mediumship faculties to
those in the spirit world who would grieve and
cry. Those spirits need you and your faculties to
obtain a spiritual equilibrium that allows them the
blessed opportunity for spiritual progress.
Endure with love the sufferings, both moral and
physical, which is a natural part of this
interchange based on love. You receive but simple
and temporary distress, but for the spirits, there is
a chain of perpetual sorrow. So, fortify yourselves
through prayer and never refuse them.
Your spirit guides are always present to protect
and assist you in such a delicate and extraordinary
task, having complete confidence in you and your
capacity for this sacred work.
This is my entreaty for you to persist in the
continuation of your efforts.
A message by the medium’s spirit guide

(Message received and printed in the Spiritist Union
newsletter in Puerto Rico and translated from the
Spanish by Yvonne C. Limoges. - Many times, the
mediums feel what the spirit communicating is feeling,
emotionally, and even physical effects – even though
they do not have a physical body. Y.L.)

3Spiritist Society of Florida, October Newsletter 2019

October 1 st - International Day of Older Persons
(numbers in this demographic are increasing)
According to the United Nations - “Between 2017 and
2030, the number of persons aged 60 years or over is
projected to grow by 46 per cent (from 962 million to
1.4 billion) globally outnumbering youth…” 1
“Population ageing is poised to become one of the
most significant social transformations of the twenty-
first century…” affecting all areas of our society, and,
“Globally, the population aged 65 and over is growing
faster than all other age groups.” 2
Written by José Manuel Meseguer Clemente
All the stages through which the human being
goes through are necessary and essential as the
natural laws that mark us: childhood, youth,
maturity and old age. Each of them fulfills a
specific function, contributing its characteristics,
necessary so that the spirit can overcome and
reach higher levels of spiritual progress.
For many who do NOT understand life from a
spiritual perspective, they consider it as a phase of
…irreversible deterioration with few options for
spiritual development as a human being.
At the same time, with old age something similar
happens to that with death, we believe that it will
never come, or that it is too far away, however it
happens. Many find it difficult to accept the
“impermanence of life” manifested in this phase
of existence; in the natural wear of the physical
body, as well as the progressive reduction of
capacities. In addition, those who think that they
only live once and that there is nothing
afterwards, approach this stage with greater

difficulties, especially when facing diseases, loss
of loved ones, etc. …
They do not understand that if they are still
alive, even if they suffer, it is for some
important reason.
It is precisely in this last stage of human life that
we want to realize that there are always
possibilities for progress; depending on the skills
and experience accumulated, not just letting time
pass by or taking an accommodative or defeatist
attitude. As the well-known axiom says: “To
want, is to do,” and in many occasions without the
need of great efforts.
Since we are informed by spiritual knowledge that
mental attitude greatly influences…the nature of
thoughts and feelings, directly affect physical and
psychic health.
It is the joy of acceptance, of balance, of inner
knowledge regarding this stage that he/she has
lived and [can] accept it with hope. If for some,
the circumstance of disease appears, it is
undertaken as a valuable opportunity for inner
growth, as a necessary test for spiritual progress.
And, for those of us who have not yet reached this
crucial moment of existence…have a moral
obligation to facilitate their path as much as
possible, not unfairly relegating them to the
shadows or abandonment in which they are often
doomed, not paying attention to them or [giving]
them the consideration they deserve…
In short, old age also provides human beings with
possibilities of progress that cannot be
disregarded, each depending on their abilities,
since that was the commitment acquired before
taking a physical body.

(Excerpts from article dated 11/21/14 from Association of
Spiritual Studies of Group Villena in Alicante, Spain at
www.amorpazycaridad.com . Translated and edited by

Yvonne. C. Limoges) 1 https://www.un.org/en/events/olderpersonsday/
2 https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/ageing/

4Spiritist Society of Florida, October Newsletter 2019

Written by Yvonne Crespo. Limoges
The information contained in what we call the
Spiritist Doctrine or Spiritism was NOT the
invention of any human being but teachings
communicated to humans by spirits from the spirit
world. Although humans who were mediums were
used as instruments to transmit these teachings,
the same information was consistently transmitted
through different mediums unknown to each other
and at different times and in different places.
What Professor Kardec did, using his scientific
reasoning, was to compile the information that
was logical, consistent, and corroborated by more
than one spirit communication, in order to finally
publish the books that he did.
Spirits have been communicating with mankind
since its existence but more intelligent spirit
teachings and messages have now been allowed as
mankind has advanced in science and progressed
to a certain level of intelligence and morality and
where superstition would have no place. As we
evolve on this planet, we will continue to receive
spirit communications teaching us many new
things… but only when we are ready to receive
The guarantee that what they teach us, after first
using our reason to decide if the information
makes sense, is if the same new idea or teaching is
spontaneously received by a large number of
mediums who do not know each other and are
located in different places.
The spirit world has worked (and continues to do
so) in unison under a Divine Plan according to the
law of progress to help propel mankind to evolve
to higher levels of understanding regarding its true
nature and purpose on this planet and in the
(See Introduction of The Gospel According to Spiritism)

Written by Miguel Vives
Therefore, no matter how afflicted we are in our
situation, we should never lack confidence in the
assistance of those from Up High, especially if we
ask for their help. In these cases, the words of
Jesus are so applicable, “Ask, and it shall be
given. Call out, and the door will be opened. Seek
and pray.” Meanwhile, when we are suffering, we
should still be fully resigned to have unwavering
patience regarding all of our trials…
(Excerpt Ch. 9, page 48 from A Practical Guide
for the Spiritist translated by our Founder Edgar
Crespo; available on www.amazon.com )

Spirit communication received by
Yvonne Crespo Limoges
God shines His Light of Divine Love on all upon
the Earth...but we must be receptive to receive it.
Open your hearts and minds to accept those
comforting and consoling energies!
Your spirit guide is always there trying hard to
assist you, and to raise your strength and courage
to the level of your trials!

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