Ponemos en el conocimiento de nuestros amables lectores que todo el material que ofrecemos como posts en este blog ha sido extraído de la obra LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO, previa autorización de su autor nuestro distinguido amigo Prof. Jon Aizpurua.

No nos atreveríamos a divulgar este precioso e invaluable material doctrinario y de divulgación de la cultura espírita si no tuviésemos de antemano la autorización expresa de su autor, de lo contario incurriríamos en el plagio, actitud que nos despierta repugancia tan sólo con mencionar el término.

Hemos escogido esta obra, LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL
ESPIRITISMO, porque estamos seguros que ella constituye la exposición más actualizada de los postulados doctrinarios expresados por el Codificador Allan Kardec, enmarcados en nuevo contexto paradigamático; el vigente en estos tiempos que corren.

En LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO el autor reinvidica el verdadero carácter de la Doctrina Espírita, como un sistema de pensamiento laico, racionalista, e iconoclasta, alejado de todo misticismo religioso, tal como fue codificada la Doctrina por el Maestro Allan Kardec en el siglo diecinueve.

Esta obra es eminentemente didáctica, porque está escrita en un estilo ágil y ameno, sin que por ello pierda consistencia en su brillante exposición de ideas, llegando a toda clase de público lector, desde el estudioso del Espiritismo hasta aquellas personas que se encuentran en la búsqueda de una filosofía racional que les ayude a pensar al mundo y a sí mismos.

René Dayre Abella
Nos adherimos a los postulados doctrinarios sustentados por la Confederación Espiritista Panamericana, que muestran a la Doctrina Espírita como un sistema de pensamiento filosófico laico, racionalista e iconoclasta. Alejado de todo misticismo religioso. Apoyamos la Carta de Puerto Rico, emanada del XIX Congreso de la CEPA en el pasado año 2008.

lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018


A nation’s greatness is measured
by how it treats its weakest members.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Written by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

What a sad commentary on our society that our most precious and vulnerable, our children, cannot go to school without worrying that they might be shot or killed there…

My daughter in her thirties and my son in his mid-twenties remember frequent “lockdowns” because someone had a gun at school. Danger of this sort has been going on way too long. How horrible the violent realities regarding our schools…

I have a granddaughter and niece in elementary school, a grandson and nephew in high school, and, a sweet, innocent granddaughter getting ready to start high school this fall here in Florida.
Our children are our future.

Our Nation, like others, will find its way out of this. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The children, themselves… are directly pleading, speaking, shouting and demanding from the adults, to find a way to stop the slaughter…

May the good spirits inspire those who have the means to make change…to have the moral courage and know-how to find suitable solutions that will indeed stop these atrocities, sooner rather than later…

Bless all those souls suffering due to any acts of violence in the world!

Dear God of infinite goodness, please soften the bitterness of the positions of those who are suffering due to violence, the souls that returned to the spirit world as well as those left behind.

May a spiritual balm of consolation and calmness help to soothe their trauma, their confusion, their sorrow and help to ease the heavy hearts that are breaking for their loved ones.

Good Spirits, we beseech you to help all those suffering pain and afflictions.

Good spirits help greet the souls who have left this world, provide a spiritual light of love, and help them gain consciousness of themselves so that they may know where they are…in the spirit world…and that they are not alone but surrounded by other loved ones already there in spirit.

Give all involved confidence in the Divine laws and in the future of eternal life, where all parties will be rejoined, attracted by their sweet affections and loving devotion… The love we have for our children, no matter where they are, reaches them… Our love never dies!

Spirit Communication
received by Julie L Harper

Throngs of souls have existed on earth throughout the history of mankind.

Many people now believe the truth that communication with the deceased is possible and does occur.

Yet many fail to recognize that communication between worlds occurs frequently and influentially.

Because life is ever-lasting, most have lived multiple lives by reincarnation for the opportunity of moral progression.

Within multiple lives, humans have met a tremendous amount of souls with interactions ranging from the mundane, from love to the horrific…as one spiritually, morally, and ethically progresses throughout each lifetime.

Just as souls are ever-lasting and fluid, so is energy which can move from plane to plane.
It is important to monitor each thought, word and deed the best that we can because all is of energy and each creation not only affects the now, but can exist as an ever-lasting energetic imprint.

Communicating spirits exist energetically.
Spirits can “read” one's essence and they draw close by sentiment: i.e. affinity, likeness, or even revenge (from interaction within a present lifetime, or recognition of a human by sentiment of any past lifetime).

Due to energy transmission, spirits can impress emotional sentiments upon humans as well as thoughts in both a positive and negative way.
For example, a loving spirit can influence a sense of well-being, and a vengeful one can influence agitation or worse.

It is of the utmost importance for each of us to be cognizant of maintaining our personal character and good action, as well as to gauge our emotional balance.

Such awareness allows one to dismiss undesirable emotion and to avert taking corresponding undesirable action, whether influences are by our own erroneous thoughts or spirits of wrongful intent.

Free will allows for choice in thought and in action...for which just accountability (at some point within one's eternal existence) is mandated under the Law of Cause and Effect.

By considering eternal life, universal energy, the Law of Cause and Effect, and accountability, we may understand that occurrences and situations that SEEM unfair are not.

Though at times we may not understand the appearances of chaotic circumstances, there is just reason and appropriated order orchestrated by
Universal Laws lovingly created by God to encourage good progression.

God is forever present, loving, and just.

We must have faith.


Written by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

ALL spirits were created equal with an equal capacity to progress by their own merit. Those who act with evil intent are not as morally evolved (some revel in evil) and/or are ignorant of being good and/or don’t understand the benefit of being good. However, ALL spirits will ultimately learn, change, and slowly progress towards this understanding, and they will then act out of goodness, charity and love.


Written by Maria Luisa Escrich

I was always convinced
that one does not search for, one finds:
everything has already been written,
all noted in our narrative.

Our encounter at these “encounters”
was already planned
that one day in this existence
we should meet.

And at that day of the “encounter”
our souls united
to give our fulfillment
to what we had once signed for.

And we stayed together
in fraternal feelings:
For a love God blessed
because it is sincere and eternal.

My soul is not solely mine:
I shared it with you;
you will not just be a memory;
you are already part of me…
(Excerpt of a writing dated 7/31/2013 at the website
www.amorpazycaridad.com - Spiritist group – Villena Group Association of Spiritual Studies in Alicante, Spain - translated into English by Yvonne C. Limoges)


Written by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

Prior to incarnating upon the earth, spirits plan to meet and/or be with others that may develop into close relationships. They may seek each other out due to affection from past lives or meet for the very first time in a material world. We incarnate and enter close relationships for various purposes: to learn from each other, to make amends for past life offenses, to fulfill a duty, to assist in missions (small or great) one of which is parenthood, and other reasons in accordance with the Divine laws.

However, each person has freewill which provides for what course the relationship will ultimately take while here in the material world.

Although some couples may eventually part ways in this life, a genuine love and affection can remain and continue to be felt by some.


The superior spirits respond to questions put to them about earthly relationships:

Question No. 386.
Could two beings, who have already known and loved each other, meet again and recognize one another, in another corporeal[material] existence?

Spirits reply: “They could not recognize one another; but they might be attracted to each other. The attraction resulting from the ties of a former existence is often the cause of the most intimate affectional unions of a subsequent existence. It often happens in your world that two persons are drawn together by circumstances which appear to be merely fortuitous, but which are really due to the attraction exercised upon one another by two spirits who are unconsciously seeking each other amidst the crowds by whom they are surrounded.”
(their italics)

Questioned further -Would it not be more agreeable for them to recognize each other?

Spirits reply: “Not always; the remembrance of past existences would be attended with greater disadvantages than you suppose. After death they would recognize one another, and would then remember the periods they had passed together.”


Below, a spirit communication given at a Spiritist Center in Le Havre, France on July 30, 1863 by a girl named Emma who died young in an accidental fire and who had excruciatingly suffered:

“Those who suffer upon the earth are rewarded in the other life; for God’s justice and mercy are perfect. The happiness granted to them in the spirit world is so pure, their felicity is so perfect, that none would shrink from suffering or from death, if it were possible for them to penetrate the designs of the Creator! The earth is the scene of trials that are often very severe, of sorrows that are often terribly keen; but let those who are thus tried be resigned to the infliction; let them bow before the will of God if, in His mercy, He calls them to bear a heavy load! When He summons them back after great suffering, they will see, in this other life, how small a matter they were, those pains and troubles of the earthly life, in comparison with the reward which is reserved for them…Adore God in all things; love Him with all your heart; and, above all, pray to Him with unwavering confidence; for prayer is your true support in your lower life, your hope, your safety.”
(From the Allan Kardec book – Heaven and Hell, or the Divine Justice vindicated in the Plurality of Existencestranslated from the French by Anna Blackwell published in 1878)

NOTE: The Creator never punishes us, it is us as we learn, grow and make our choices who through our own actions or inaction in accordance with the Divine law of cause and effect who inflict pain and suffering upon ourselves. If the cause cannot be found in this life, it can be found in a past life or lives. When humans act in accordance with the Divine Laws, especially the law of Love, we will no longer suffer. Jesus is our supreme guide of what we can eventually be upon the earth. - Y.L.


Written by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

Last month, I wrote about my longtime friend who transitioned into the spirit world. Since she left this earth, I have had to catch myself from reaching for the phone wanting to have a chat with her.

However, it was recently very consoling to hear from the spirits of my father and my husband in which they said that they have checked in on her and she is recuperating.

She and my husband were “buddies” and got along so well. My Dad loved her as a daughter.

I then saw a lovely vision of her laying quietly in what looked like a hospital bed…she is resting from having had such a difficult life… for now.

For those who are not mediums or have no access to them, please know that even though you may not see spirits, those you love are being cared for, especially by our more superior spirit guides, whose mission is to watch out for all of us. They are always available to guide, inspire and sustain us, whether here or in the spirit world.

By raising our thoughts towards those who want us to have moral courage, for us to be good (each according to our particular circumstance) is very helpful in this life. To do the best we can do, that is all that is asked of us. God knows we are still very imperfect spirits…May God bless and watch over us all!

Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Director

Spiritist Society of Florida (est. 1982)

5042 22 Avenue North,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 Website: www.spiritistsocietyfl.com

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