Ponemos en el conocimiento de nuestros amables lectores que todo el material que ofrecemos como posts en este blog ha sido extraído de la obra LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO, previa autorización de su autor nuestro distinguido amigo Prof. Jon Aizpurua.

No nos atreveríamos a divulgar este precioso e invaluable material doctrinario y de divulgación de la cultura espírita si no tuviésemos de antemano la autorización expresa de su autor, de lo contario incurriríamos en el plagio, actitud que nos despierta repugancia tan sólo con mencionar el término.

Hemos escogido esta obra, LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL
ESPIRITISMO, porque estamos seguros que ella constituye la exposición más actualizada de los postulados doctrinarios expresados por el Codificador Allan Kardec, enmarcados en nuevo contexto paradigamático; el vigente en estos tiempos que corren.

En LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO el autor reinvidica el verdadero carácter de la Doctrina Espírita, como un sistema de pensamiento laico, racionalista, e iconoclasta, alejado de todo misticismo religioso, tal como fue codificada la Doctrina por el Maestro Allan Kardec en el siglo diecinueve.

Esta obra es eminentemente didáctica, porque está escrita en un estilo ágil y ameno, sin que por ello pierda consistencia en su brillante exposición de ideas, llegando a toda clase de público lector, desde el estudioso del Espiritismo hasta aquellas personas que se encuentran en la búsqueda de una filosofía racional que les ayude a pensar al mundo y a sí mismos.

René Dayre Abella
Nos adherimos a los postulados doctrinarios sustentados por la Confederación Espiritista Panamericana, que muestran a la Doctrina Espírita como un sistema de pensamiento filosófico laico, racionalista e iconoclasta. Alejado de todo misticismo religioso. Apoyamos la Carta de Puerto Rico, emanada del XIX Congreso de la CEPA en el pasado año 2008.

viernes, 29 de abril de 2016



        Inspirationally received by
                                    Yvonne Crespo Limoges

March 20th was the first day of Spring and many people use this as a time to do “Spring cleaning” of house, apartment, room and/or garage.

They may get rid of what they do not need anymore and/or may decide that they need something new. Sometimes they decide to just rearrange things. People do a review of their surroundings of what they have and don’t have.

This can also be the perfect time to do some “Spring cleaning” of our life in general. We can make an evaluation of it up to this point. Basically, a check on how are things going?

Do we feel our life is headed in a productive direction? Are we stuck in a rut of our own making? Are we content with our current moral behavior or could we do better? Are we fulfilling our obligations or neglecting them? Are there unhealthy habits or behaviors we should change or rid ourselves of, or good ones to acquire?

Are there changes we could make that would improve the quality of our lives and make it more fulfilling, that does not violate divine laws? Are there some even simple adjustments that could be made to bring in some joy into our life or to others?

Life goes by so fast in this hectic world that many of us may be going through it as if “on automatic” or like zombies; without really thinking about what we are actually doing or not doing, and/or how we are truly behaving or living our lives…

Maybe our life’s circumstances have changed and we have not adjusted to new realities.

Maybe there have been some minor or major positive changes that we have had in mind to do for some time, but for a myriad of reasons …we have put them off, never making any productive effort or headway. Many of us procrastinate a lot.

When we think of Spring time, we may think of flowers starting to bloom, baby animals being born…new life, new beginnings, and renewal.

We should reevaluate our life, make a plan, and get going; and, what better time to do it than now.


                 Written by Narciso Trevilatto
We always lament over lost opportunities...
They are all around us, ever present; but, daily the great majority of us don’t even notice them, or we do not recognize their value.

Opportunity…the moment is always now.


There was an article on “dreams” in the April 4, 2016 issue of TIME magazine, about Kelley Bulkeley (researcher, theologian, and author of Big Dreams: The Science of Dreaming and the Origins of Religion), who may have found a possible “link between dreams and faith.” Explore his very interesting website on sleep and dreams at:  www.kellybulkeley.org/  - Y.L.


Below are questions from Allan Kardec’s, The Spirits’ Book, Second Part, Chapter 8, and explanations on dreams from the superior spirits:

401. Does the soul take rest, like the body, during sleep?

“No; a spirit is never inactive. The bonds which unite him to the [physical] body are relaxed during sleep; and as the body does not then need his presence, he travels through space [the spirit world all around us], and enters into more direct relation with other spirits.”

402. How can we ascertain the fact of a spirit's liberty during sleep?

“By dreams. Be very sure that, when his body is asleep, a spirit enjoys the use of faculties of
which he is unconscious while his body is awake. He remembers the past, and sometimes foresees the future: he acquires more power, and is able to enter into communication with other spirits …”

“You often say, ‘I have had a strange dream, a frightful dream, without any likeness to reality,’
you are mistaken in thinking it to be so; for it is often a reminiscence of places and things which
you have seen in the past, or a foresight of those which you will see in another existence, or in this one at some future time….”
“Sleep effects a partial freeing of the soul from the [physical] body. When you sleep, your spirit is, for the time being, in the state in which you will be after your death.”

“The spirits who at death are promptly freed from matter are those who, during their life, have had what may be called intelligent sleep. Such persons, when they sleep, regain the society of other spirits superior to themselves. They go about with them, conversing with them, and gaining instruction from them; they even work, in the spirit-world, at undertakings which, on dying, they find already begun or completed…”

"…As for those of the common mass of men, who, after their death, remain for long hours in the state of confusion and uncertainty of which you have been told by such, they go, during sleep, into worlds of lower rank than the earth, to which they are drawn back by old affections or by the attraction of pleasures still baser than those to which they are addicted in your world…”

“And that which engenders sympathy [to those] in the earthly life is nothing else than the fact that you feel yourselves, on waking, affectionately attracted towards those with whom you have [already as a spirit] passed eight or nine hours of happiness or pleasure [as your bodies slept].”

“Dreams are the remembrance of what your spirit has seen during sleep; but you must remark
that you do not always dream, because you do not always remember what you have seen…Your dreams do not always reflect the action of your soul in its full development; for they are often only the reflex of the confusion that accompanies your departure or your return…in your waking state. In what other way can you explain the absurd dreams by the wisest as by the silliest of mankind? Bad spirits [ignorant, inferior or spirits of evil intent], also, make use of dreams to torment weak and timid souls.” Finally, one can see “…sleep has more influence than you think upon your life...”
Short Summary on Sleep and Dreams:

                   Written by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

- When our physical body sleeps, our spirit is active and enters the spirit world… wherein we originally came from prior to our birth.
- Depending on our intellectual and moral development we seek out those we are similar to; whether seeking out those for productive activity, or who we have the same interests and affections for, or those inferior spirits that are not so nice.
- We also can confer and receive counsel from our spirit protector(s) and other loved ones who have passed on, who love and care about us, from this or past lives.
- We may also meet with the spirits of people currently in this world that we have a strong affinity and connection with or who we love.
- We can request to meet with someone in particular, if possible, also that we remember our encounter. If the reason is serious or worthwhile, it may be permitted by our spirit guides and superior spirits.
- We sometimes remember a very lucid dream of someone we were actually with; others have a remembrance of a past life experience; a premonition of a possible future event; as well as, experiences of ill encounters with spirits who may wish us ill (generally those we have made enemies of) and they disturb our sleep in what many call “nightmares.”
- Most of the time we will not be able to make sense of our dreams; some people never remember anything after sleeping.

My recommendation:
Before sleep, I believe it’s helpful to ask for spiritual protection/guidance from one’s spirit guides, and, ask to be able to wake up calm, peaceful, mentally alert and rested to better be able to do what we need to do here in the material world.

       Inspirationally received by Yvonne C. Limoges

Sometimes when we dwell too much on the very specific personal situations in our lives, doubts and fears can seep in and overcome us, and whatever hopes and dreams we may look forward to in our future, seem to fade away.

Impatience can become a terrible enemy and can cause dreadful anxiety as well.

Although it is extremely difficult, we must try hard to push away unconstructive thoughts from our mind and sorrowful feelings from our heart.

We have to have faith in our choices prior to incarnating in this lifetime and the choices we make, and have made so far, in our current one.

We should also try to be hopeful… of those we love…and of those who we believe love us.

And, of course, our faith should be ever strong in God and the Divine laws.

We have to try to have an inner calmness, try to be a good person, and live each day to its fullest, fulfilling our responsibilities to the best of our ability. We should try to be confident and not get discouraged…the future can carry wonderful possibilities!

This does not mean we may not experience hurt or disappointments, for we know the purpose of material life, and we know it is bittersweet.

However, constantly worrying about the future, is unproductive and emotionally draining.

We need to try to be optimistic, and allow our life to unfold; dealing with what happens…taking it one day at a time (easier said, than done).

Yet, as time goes on, eventually we will see where our Life’s journey finally takes us…

     Spirit communication received by Alysia Pape

The children and youth of your planet lack the basic rules taught by Jesus. If there is at least one thing you can teach your children or grandchildren, it's how to be a good person!

Any young person, no matter how bad you might see them, has the capacity to learn some goodness through instruction and by example.

Do not give up on them, they are the future of this planet. You all must teach them the best possible way out of these dark times of war and sadness!


          Written by Narciso Trevilatto

In the presence of the moral bankruptcy of much of humanity, many young people feel uncertainty due to emotional instability, caused by release of excessive violence and many of the false values dominating the media.

Honesty, honor, respect and a sense of responsibility seems to have been trampled upon, and even religious sects have not been able to obtain success to harmonize society….

May God help us!


              Written by Yvonne C. Limoges

Many in the world suffer through floods, earthquakes, hunger, abuse, violence and war.

Be very grateful and count your blessings if your problems are not at those crisis levels.

And, pray for those who suffer more than you!

       Spirit communication received by Alysia Pape

Life can be filled with trivial things and we forget sometimes what really matters.

What really matters in the material world are the essential things in life, such as our health, our family, and financial stability.

These are all major responsibilities we will sometimes put aside, so that we can do simple things. For example, play video games, play on our cell phones, our tablets, computers, watch TV, go out, eat and drink, all more than in moderation.

Keep a constant check on your moral, spiritual, and mental compass. Check them out before you make a decision on if you should do something or not, as well as why you would be doing it.

Is it for selfish reasons, or more selfless ones and an action that can help you progress in this life?

Of course, there are far many other situations and circumstances that are all considered, but by staying true to the teachings of the higher spirits and of Jesus, we will all end up with a much purer soul when we return home to the spirit world.


Lord, give us the moral courage we need to be strong during all of our Life’s trials and tests!

Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Director
E-mail: ylimoges@aol.com

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