Ponemos en el conocimiento de nuestros amables lectores que todo el material que ofrecemos como posts en este blog ha sido extraído de la obra LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO, previa autorización de su autor nuestro distinguido amigo Prof. Jon Aizpurua.

No nos atreveríamos a divulgar este precioso e invaluable material doctrinario y de divulgación de la cultura espírita si no tuviésemos de antemano la autorización expresa de su autor, de lo contario incurriríamos en el plagio, actitud que nos despierta repugancia tan sólo con mencionar el término.

Hemos escogido esta obra, LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL
ESPIRITISMO, porque estamos seguros que ella constituye la exposición más actualizada de los postulados doctrinarios expresados por el Codificador Allan Kardec, enmarcados en nuevo contexto paradigamático; el vigente en estos tiempos que corren.

En LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO el autor reinvidica el verdadero carácter de la Doctrina Espírita, como un sistema de pensamiento laico, racionalista, e iconoclasta, alejado de todo misticismo religioso, tal como fue codificada la Doctrina por el Maestro Allan Kardec en el siglo diecinueve.

Esta obra es eminentemente didáctica, porque está escrita en un estilo ágil y ameno, sin que por ello pierda consistencia en su brillante exposición de ideas, llegando a toda clase de público lector, desde el estudioso del Espiritismo hasta aquellas personas que se encuentran en la búsqueda de una filosofía racional que les ayude a pensar al mundo y a sí mismos.

René Dayre Abella
Nos adherimos a los postulados doctrinarios sustentados por la Confederación Espiritista Panamericana, que muestran a la Doctrina Espírita como un sistema de pensamiento filosófico laico, racionalista e iconoclasta. Alejado de todo misticismo religioso. Apoyamos la Carta de Puerto Rico, emanada del XIX Congreso de la CEPA en el pasado año 2008.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2015



      Inspirationally received by Alysia Pape

People often complain about the things they do not have. They complain they do not have bigger bank accounts, a nicer and/or bigger house, a fancy and/or new car, or expensive distractions like boats, jewelry, lots of new clothes every season, and many other things. They want more, it's always more. They want a summer vacation, they want a raise at their job, and they want and want.
Spiritism teaches that there are reasons why we get what we get in this life, and why we do not get EVERYTHING we want. We all have done wrong in past lives, but the point I am making simply is that people often forget to thank God for all the things that they DO have.
I thank my family, my spirit guides and God for all the care, love, generosity, support, reminders and much more I get from them all. God gives us what we need not necessarily what we want, and only God can truly know what we need. I thank my spirit guides for helping me with difficult decisions and situations and for helping me to sustain my faith, strength, and trust in God.
I thank God for the vehicle that I do have and that is doesn't break each day. I thank God for the home that I do have when others have less or no home. I thank God that my home and vehicle also does not need repairs and that God keeps them safe from vandals or thieves every day.

I thank God my loved ones, here incarnated, that their health remains good, and if they are sick that they do not get any worse. I thank God for the care of loved ones that have passed on to the spirit world.
I thank God for those leaders of this planet that keep their focus on helping the people, keeping peace, and advancing this planet to make it a better place.
There are many things to ask for, and to complain about, but make sure you thank God for what you do have and ask God for what you need. But, always remember Gods knows what is best and we can only ask, never demand or expect anything.


The Revue Spirite or Spiritist Review – Journal of Psychological Studies for the year 1858, originally in French, has been for the first time translated into English and is available for English speakers.

It can be bought on www.amazon.com where the description there states: “The Spiritist Review was written and published by Allan Kardec from January 1858 to April 1869. In total there are 136 monthly issues of the Review, bundled in volumes of 12 issues per year, yielding 12 volumes….” And these show “the evolution of Kardec’s thought” during the research which formed the principles of Spiritism.

The United States Spiritist Council announced the 1859 translation will soon follow. Wonderful! - Y.L.



 Inspirationally received by Yvonne C. Limoges

Patience is calm, sure, and with it one has the ability to take life as it comes, one day at a time.

Impatience can cloud the mind; distort thinking, and raise unwarranted fears, cause dissension, frustration, and agitation.

Impulsiveness can lead to inappropriate decisions with regretful repercussions and strong emotions can cloud judgment.

What can help us with the inner conflict, that back and forth confusion, between what one thinks and what one’s strong emotions feel?

Time; and how we view and experience it! 

Over time, what is true and good, will survive.

So, be patient; what will be, will be – especially those important events in our lives (many we planned prior to reincarnating) that will occur through the force of things, in good and perfect timing.

Try daily to balance the emotions and passions of the heart and the reason of the mind, by allowing both plenty of time to unfold peacefully, trying to keep oneself in an inner state of spiritual equilibrium.


               Written by Narciso Trevilatto


... it is difficult to select and discipline thoughts… but they are what generate conflict or peace, joy or sadness, enthusiasm or apathy, or indifference or hope…take care of your mind...



                      Written by Julie L. Harper

It is important to stay focused within one's true character.

Outside influences, whether by a human or spirit entity, can persuade one towards detrimental behavior in order to meet a self-serving motive.

Affects may result in one not feeling and/or behaving like him or her-self.

You may avoid uncharacteristic actions and unwanted results. Know thyself and practice prayers of protection to maintain personal grace and integrity.

Since every action has a like consequence, let each act be true to your good character.


                        Written by Julie L. Harper

Life is eternal and each of us is on a personal journey of expansion in spiritual growth.

Progress by good thoughts, words and deeds to elevate your being and your soul…

The condition of your existence depends upon the condition of your being.

Grow by betterment to elevated integrity and greater happiness.


                 Written by Narciso Trevilatto


... keeping our mind at a high [moral] level is healthy for our spiritual and physical health.


                 Written by Jacira Jacinto Da Silva
Looking around us, wherever we may be: at home,  work, in the street, in charity with a community of neighbors, in the park, at the Spiritist center, at school, etc., no matter the place, we will always see, hear,
or feel something that we do not agree with. There is no one place in the land on which two people see, feel and think the exact same thing or way…

We are definitely different. And, the difference is fundamental to give flavor to life, because it wouldn't make any sense to just repeat what the other does; perpetuating a habit, a way of being, of dressing, of developing, in the end freezing knowledge. It is precisely the differences that alert us of others’ possibilities, arouses our curiosity, impel us towards change…

Paradoxically, however, we reject differences, at least those that come from people, to our eyes, below us; the least beautiful, less intellectual, [those with] less purchasing power, the less recognized, the less famous, all human beings who are “worth less” seen by any angle of our cloudy vision; [seemingly] they do not deserve our full respect.

And, so if there is any doubt of our dissatisfaction with that other [type of] human being, we are also bothered by those who are above us. Perhaps out of envy, insecurity, lack of confidence in our own potential, we have difficulty identifying the value that promoted their ascension; therefore, our eyes get bigger looking to find, all and any possibility to “justify” the success of these, without recognizing their possible value.

I thought it necessary to make this reflection to try to understand the reason why we always are making compensation regarding the defects of things and people. Always we take into consideration the defects, errors and failures, usually for evaluating our teachers, bosses, mayors, governors or presidents, authorities, neighbors, friends, husbands and wives, parents, brothers and sisters. It is true that many times we recognize some value…but mainly, the focus of attention is on their weaknesses.

Perhaps the explanation for this human uniqueness could be found if we understood that we see in each other in what we are, therefore, in others, we reflect our own feelings, values and emotions.

The Spiritist philosophy offers a particularly significant contribution to improve our relationship with each other, revealing the importance of humanism within its ethical domain…the best proposal seems to be tireless investment in people.

The Spiritist philosophy exalts the human being; it works with its reality, its existence and realization.
Spiritist thought continues its projection of growth beyond physical death…

Us Spiritists should be even more committed to the duty of providing for the improvement of people under all aspects; obviously, in the first place starting with ourselves…

For this reason, the promotion of education in its greatest dimension is urgent.

There can be no greater fountain of learning than that of the laws of Nature; just solely thinking about reincarnation offers endless opportunities to redo a process, restart a path, and revise concepts.

But, while the natural law of evolution pushes us forward towards the new, to overcoming, we often stop at the old… as prisoners of crystallized convictions and without sufficient openness to see the new…

Therefore, we form a paradoxical world in which the most ingenious humans do not know how to enjoy every day simple life experiences; the fortunate ones often abdicate everything to just wander through life; and those who have nothing, smile and sing, celebrating life…

(Extract from the Spain’s 2015 April/June Issue of the Spiritist Flame from the Portuguese in Abertura, no. 299, May 2014, in Santos, Brazil and translated into Spanish by Pura Argelich. The Spanish translated into English by Yvonne C. Limoges. In the above article, there are many points to ponder. – Y.L.)

                            Written by Narciso Trevilatto

…evolution always pushes us, inviting us to leave old values when NEW VALUES, IF BETTER, ARISES...

         Written by Alysia Pape

My whole life has been built on a solid foundation of family-supports-family and having manners. We, my brother and I, used to get slightly dressed up to go and visit my great-grandparents when I was little. We would sit still and we would not speak unless spoken too, we simply behaved like quiet well behaved children. We didn't run around yelling, making loud noises and messing up their house, or crying because we didn't get cookies. We said “please” and “thank you” every chance we got. We would say “thank you” when they invited us to come into their house.
Even when we visited our grandparents or if our grandparents babysat us when we were little, we still behaved fairly well. If not, the good old smack on the butt would have worked, but they didn't need to do that. All they had to do was give you that, “I'm not proud of you or happy with you, you should know better” look, and we would normally straighten right up.  
But, as time has gone on as it does, new young children have come along, that should know better, but appear to be less and less behaved, and they actually say “no” to their parents and grandparents! Saying that to a grandparent would be the equivalent to the very definition of the word disrespectful and ungrateful.  
Let's take a look at the definitions for those who may have forgotten what these two words mean...
It seems to me that a lot of the behaviors of children growing up nowadays seem to fit into these two word categories.
However, maybe it's not all the child's fault either. Perhaps the parents of these small human beings growing-up, have not taught their children how to be respectful and grateful. If that is the case, perhaps the parents need a reminder that these things are needed to live life smoothly among society. It is more challenging for one to live if one is rude and thankless, then when one is courteous and appreciative.
Either way, I very much miss the old days when children behaved more or got a timeout. I miss eating in a quiet restaurant; I do not miss eating across from a screaming kid that wants ice cream with their dinner, with their already generous parents taking them out to eat at all.
In general, manners seem to have been slowly forgotten. I whole heartily hope you who are taking the time to read this, can help bring some kindness and manners back into this world.
God only asks…that you do your best in all you do!

                           Written by Yvonne C. Limoges

During the long transition of this planet from one of trials and tribulations to one of regeneration, we pray for those who suffer…those who are treated unjustly in any way; those affected by natural disasters; those who are afflicted by mental or physical illnesses, disabilities and/or pain; those who grieve inconsolably for loved ones who have passed on; those who suffer humiliations, who are fearful or insecure; those in the throes of addiction; those without hope in prisons;  those who suffer hunger, thirst, homelessness, torture, the brutality of violence, and the ravages of war.

May all gather within themselves the moral courage they need, if not to completely triumph over, but at least to steadily support their sufferings; we Spiritists know they have a just cause. Also, we are never alone in our sufferings. The purpose of material life is to evolve and purify our souls, which as we advance ever higher, provides for a much happier future each and every life time. So have faith and hope! AMEN


Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Director


Spiritist Society of Florida

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St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

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