Ponemos en el conocimiento de nuestros amables lectores que todo el material que ofrecemos como posts en este blog ha sido extraído de la obra LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO, previa autorización de su autor nuestro distinguido amigo Prof. Jon Aizpurua.

No nos atreveríamos a divulgar este precioso e invaluable material doctrinario y de divulgación de la cultura espírita si no tuviésemos de antemano la autorización expresa de su autor, de lo contario incurriríamos en el plagio, actitud que nos despierta repugancia tan sólo con mencionar el término.

Hemos escogido esta obra, LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL
ESPIRITISMO, porque estamos seguros que ella constituye la exposición más actualizada de los postulados doctrinarios expresados por el Codificador Allan Kardec, enmarcados en nuevo contexto paradigamático; el vigente en estos tiempos que corren.

En LOS FUNDAMENTOS DEL ESPIRITISMO el autor reinvidica el verdadero carácter de la Doctrina Espírita, como un sistema de pensamiento laico, racionalista, e iconoclasta, alejado de todo misticismo religioso, tal como fue codificada la Doctrina por el Maestro Allan Kardec en el siglo diecinueve.

Esta obra es eminentemente didáctica, porque está escrita en un estilo ágil y ameno, sin que por ello pierda consistencia en su brillante exposición de ideas, llegando a toda clase de público lector, desde el estudioso del Espiritismo hasta aquellas personas que se encuentran en la búsqueda de una filosofía racional que les ayude a pensar al mundo y a sí mismos.

René Dayre Abella
Nos adherimos a los postulados doctrinarios sustentados por la Confederación Espiritista Panamericana, que muestran a la Doctrina Espírita como un sistema de pensamiento filosófico laico, racionalista e iconoclasta. Alejado de todo misticismo religioso. Apoyamos la Carta de Puerto Rico, emanada del XIX Congreso de la CEPA en el pasado año 2008.

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          Written by José Manuel Meseguer


Facing suffering with dignity, drawing on its lessons, is one of the greatest challenges facing human beings…but when it appears, it fulfills an extraordinary therapeutic function.

Great avatars [morally superior spirits] that have passed through humanity were not exempt from it. However, they were able to face it with enormous strength and wisdom, serving as an example and inspiration for all, in different times…

Suffering is part of our evolutionary process, it is everywhere and it touches everyone in one way or another. Spiritual knowledge tells us that we live in a world that is still in the tests and atonement phase, which means that happiness is not a general common denominator; not even in the best cases one is in a position to know happiness in its true fullness. There are moments, flashes that sooner or later pass, like all things that happen on Earth.


Everything is temporary except the baggage of acquired experiences, as well as the conquests of an intellectual and moral character that elevate the being and ennoble it...


Pride and selfishness desensitize the being, make it hostile; these incapacitate it to feel empathy towards his fellow men. An attitude towards life that generates dissatisfaction and unease wherever it goes.

Suffering, however, bathes the proud, the despot, the aggressive with reality, since it shows him, his vulnerability and fragility, softening the armor he considered insurmountable, making him more sensitive, receptive to the environment…

Love is still today the great unknown of human beings in their current evolutionary journey. Some progress has been made but…still far from the achievements that would be desirable, where the ideal of love transformed into brotherhood and solidarity was extended to all peoples.

Afflictions, therefore, fulfill the sacred mission of redirecting us, of restoring the damaged or abandoned bridges that connected us with the Divine…


For this, it is necessary to travel a long path of experiences, of tests, throughout the different physical existences as a means to elevate ourselves; having to overcome, in the current stage, the ancestral primitivism that still keeps us behind and prevents us from advancing with a certain clarity and speed…

A clear sign of spiritual inferiority are the detrimental reactions that arise when suffering and setbacks appear. These are the different stages of a process that is not yet ripe to accept or assimilate, both in the small things and in those of great importance for the human being.

Let us remember the five phases that Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross tells us about…that she observed… after having spent many hours with terminal patients in hospitals [applying it to our reactions towards our suffering]:

In the first place, denial, or inability to accept reality: “This cannot be happening to me, it is not possible.”

Secondly, anger, or what is almost the same, the violent rejection of the new situation: “I don't deserve this, I have many things to do yet.”

Third, negotiation, that is, reviving spiritual beliefs, many times dormant and forgotten until that moment, to [try to] agree to a graceful way out of the situation.

In fourth place, depression, which is when the problem overflows and shows the vulnerabilities of the being, and its inability to control it, generating a fall in self-esteem and modifying the idealized perception that it had of itself and its environment.

And finally, when a serene analysis of the situation has been made, after having gone through the different stages mentioned above, that is when the final acceptance arises.

Therefore, faced with the adverse circumstances of life, the human being must learn to overcome them by putting all its own effort, but with acceptance, since what happens is part of its learning, of the baggage of experiences that is to allow it to grow exponentially.


On the contrary, the only thing that rebellion achieves is to complicate and increase the burden that is already heavy… wasting uselessly, the forces that could be harnessed to compensate and grow.

Many times we talk about success, about people who manage to achieve the greatest achievements, keeping the superficial, striking image; the tip of the iceberg. But the gigantic part of struggles and sacrifices that the ocean hides in private is ignored; of failures, of difficult situations that have been overcome with great difficulty to achieve the desired goals.

However, do not be confused or deceived.

Acceptance does not mean blind resignation, or the fanaticism of thinking that in the face of “God's will, nothing can be done,” since the ultimate Will is not known, and that to avoid this fatalistic circumstance, the human being was endowed with discernment and of freewill, true levers of progress. Or, put another way: suffering just for suffering, without putting in the means to avoid it, leads nowhere…

For all this, and to conclude the purpose of life is progress, through uplifting achievements, building in order to grow.


What happens is that the being is cyclically subjected to “internal reforms,” as if it were an old house that requires pending repairs, improvements that allow better habitability, so that it adapts to the needs that the inhabitant needs.


We are talking about the home, but the interior home, the psychological and transcendent one, the one [the spirt] that provides enough stability so that neither inclement weather nor external circumstances disturb it to the point of causing a total or partial collapse.


Finally, [the idea is to] transmute suffering into experiences rich in wisdom and values, allowing the being [the spirit] to grow, free itself from the dark past, and walk freely and unattached towards the light of understanding and of real peace; that peace which is the consequence of no negative obligations and of a clean conscience.



(Excerpts from article date 09/07/2020 from the website: www.amorpazycaridad.es by the Spiritist group - Assiociation of Spiritual Studies Group of Villena in Alicante, Spain – translated by Yvonne C. Limoges)



(Note: the final acceptance of our sufferings for not be dome grudgingly.   




Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Directo

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                     Written by Allan Kardec   

“Man cannot remain perpetually in ignorance, because he must reach the goal marked out for him by Providence; he is gradually enlightened by the force of things. Moral revolutions, like social revolutions, are prepared, little by little, in the ideas of a people; they go on germinating for centuries, and at length suddenly burst forth, overthrowing the crumbling edifice of the past, which is no longer in harmony with the new wants and new aspirations of the day.

“Man, often perceives, in these public commotions, only the momentary disorder and confusion that affect him in his material interests; but he who raises his thoughts above his own personality admires the providential working which brings good out of evil. Such commotions are the tempest and the storm that purify the atmosphere after having disturbed it.”

(The Spirits’ Book, Kardec’s comment regarding item 783)


          Written by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

We are ALL spirits incarnated as human beings that no matter our appearance, qualities, beliefs or whatever our characteristics, want to be treated with respect, dignity, compassion, fairly, without prejudice and we all want our civil rights equally respected, and to be able to exercise our natural human’s rights for the freedom and fair opportunity to reach our fullest potential in life.   

When certain groups of us face discrimination, intimidation, fear, abuse, injustice and outright violence for years, how can there not be outrage? The following movements are examples:

The #MeToo movement started more than 10 years ago and has spread to help girls/women to speak out with courage, who were victims of sexual harassment, abuse and violence, and know they are not alone. The TV, Hollywood, and sports industries were rocked. Some major corporations made changes. Some laws were implemented in different cities. Our social culture has definitely felt this movement’s impact.  

Black Lives Matter protests started in around 2013 and has spread from the US, to across the globe: all over Europe, India, Brazil, Australia and others. People are protesting in solidarity because they see racial injustice in all its aspects as a worldwide problem. Cell phones have recorded egregious acts of violence and murder by authority figures that hitherto would have remained hidden. The sports industry, some corporations and workplaces, and other entities are now showing solidarity, making changes to promote racial fairness and end racial stereotypes. Legislation is needed to address criminal justice reform, and problems of socioeconomic unfairness among people of color in employment, housing, healthcare, education and more.    
Societal Change - continued

The Gay Civil Rights movement in the LGBTQ Community has been actively protesting since the late 1960s and have gained various legal rights over many, many years. Out of hiding, now there exists Gay Pride Month celebrated in June throughout the country. Just this month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects gays/transgenders against discrimination.    

All social movements come with backlash, anger, misunderstandings, confusion and sadly violence. Since we are all imperfect, any changes will be imperfect, also hearts and minds will need to change. Yet, we must try to better ourselves and to treat others as we would want to be treated.

Our country has been through a Revolution, a Civil War, the Great Depression, WWI & WWII, the 60s protests, Civil Rights movements, various wars, many moral and violent conflicts, through sicknesses and disease, and we have suffered much, but our country survived.  

We will (although painfully) endure and get through these current times of social protests, the pandemic, unemployment and this recession too… because we must. We chose to be born during these times and the strength of our spiritual potential is limitless!

Material Life is a school where we all learn and are put to the test. Adversity forces us to give our all, to push us to our limits intellectually, morally and spiritually in order to adapt, make any changes, find solutions; and, in our difficulties, the process forces our spirits to grow more resilient, stronger and wiser. Pain and suffering, is what purifies the soul!

Our spirit guides and the superior spirits that watch over us and this planet provide inspiration, guidance and protection, as permitted, to us along the way. Have faith in the CREATOR-All LOVE and in the Divine Laws which are PERFECT.      

Spirit communication received
                by Yvonne Crespo Limoges

Have you forgotten that there is a Supreme Intelligence that influences all within this entire Cosmos? Do you think this Great Wisdom does not influence those on your planet? …

You go about your business in life and think you are the sole arbiters of your destiny…but prayers can also influence your destiny and the Supreme Will can concede to a request that does not break or disrupt the immutable Laws of the Universe. How prideful mankind is! Prayer is the instrument to your salvation!

In everything you do and in all that you propose, prayer to that Invincible and Almighty Power that exists, can provide you with what you need to sustain yourselves, to succeed in the courses of action if they are for the good of yourselves and others. If you also have the strongest faith in that Power, then even more so will come that unwavering assistance which ever awaits, for mankind to raise their eyes to God, instead of looking below for answers to those just as imperfect as yourselves…

Prayer is the Religion of your Creator! There are no human conditions set to it. Prayer is a simple powerful and sacred communion…when said with conviction, belief and from the heart… The merits of the action of prayer are always rewarded. You may not understand the results (for they may not be answered in the way you wanted) but it is always answered nevertheless, in many ways not yet understood by your imperfect intellect.

So wake up in your material world with a prayer upon your lips and with strong fervor in your heart that if your intentions are for good your requests will be heard, but trust the Creator to answer them with the Wisdom of the Ages and Knowing more than you, to do what is in your best interests. May God Bless all of you and pray!

Written by Fermín Hernández Hernández

Love, as a source of life, of feelings and emotions, is an unstoppable force, it is a much stronger and a broader emotion than we can imagine. It has no borders. It is in continuous expansion. It grows and grows without limit. When it awakens in the individual in a clean and spontaneous way it is like a fast-flowing river that looks for its channel to grow and reach the sea. It is the divine spark growing in search of its Creator.

Our love is clothed in countless clothes that prevent it from manifesting fully, it is limited by our own imperfections and by the selfishness that has accompanied us since time immemorial.

Fortunately, little by little, we become aware of our own spiritual nature and, with faith, work and enthusiasm, we progress slowly, detaching ourselves from that uncomfortable burden and, in each new life, we improve our ability to manifest authentic love, that which was taught by the greatest Teacher, Jesus.

We have been evolving imperceptibly, always thanks to the tests and expiations that we are receiving...due to the Law of Cause and effect…

But there comes a time in the life of every individual when something inside arises. It is the divine spark that impels us to search for truth, freedom and happiness, both personally and collectively.

We evolve individually and collectively, everything around us is transmuted, times and perceptions change; [with] new tests, new needs and new lessons to learn. This is the only way of progress and the path that Humanity needs. …

It is the Law of Progress that impels us to constant renewal…
We are also becoming aware that to coexist and maintain good relationships in society, we need to maintain a permanent state of Peace and Harmony…we all share the same home and destiny. That which affects the part influences the whole…This is the message that we bring to the fore and is entitled: Universal Solidarity.

It is not a trivial matter, it is the beginning of a new era in which we will learn that we are all equal, all brothers [sisters], regardless of color, race, religion [gender, etc., etc.] or country from which we come.

We have fully entered the Age of the Spirit, and the Spirit, has no color or distinctions, we are all fellow spirits. We share the same origin; we are children of the same Universal Father. The Law of Solidarity requires us to respect ourselves, tolerate each other and something more transcendent ... treat each other fraternally, as children of the same Creator that we are…

Let's wake up at once, stop thinking as isolated individuals! Let us begin to perceive the Humanity of our Planet as an Entity... This planet is the home of each…and belongs to all of us equally. We must focus our thinking towards protecting life, people and this habitat that gives us shelter…

We are living in a time of great and constant change that is not accidental, we are being tested in matters of universal solidarity, fraternity, the ability to differentiate between matter and spirit, between love and selfishness, between union and division, war and peace.

We come to progress… with a spirit of struggle and love, the trials that Divine Providence puts in our path.

So, let us know how to take advantage of them.

(Excerpts from as article from Association of Spiritual Studies of Group Villena in Alicante, Spain. Website www.amorpazycaridad.es  translated by Y. Limoges)

      Spirit communication received
                             by Yvonne Crespo Limoges
You must open your heart, sincerely and honestly, by starting a conversation through fervent prayer with God and His protector spirits. The fluidic link that this will establish, if you take the effort to do it, will allow the spiritual fluids [energies] to penetrate and surround you, this will inspire feelings you will have never felt before. These inspirations will lead you to believe in yourself and in All Powerful God. You will gain a spiritual strength of which you never realized possible!

Talk more consistently to God and your protector spirit. Ask for help and this belief you want, because you know it is good and will make you strong. God loves you and waits so patiently for all His children to reach out to Him. You will never be disappointed!

What can you say to Him? Start with…that you love Him for creating you and giving to you all those around you who love you. Thank Him for creating the beauty of Nature and the wondrous Universe. Thank Him for the many blessings you have, for there are always those worse off than you. Ask for the spiritual help you know you need.

A long time ago, Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find” and this still holds true. You must make the first move. Ask for God’s help in understanding Him and in understanding yourself.

Prayer is the key to strong belief and strong faith. Only you, yourself, can start the process. But, when you do it with firm determination, you will be amazed on how strong you will inwardly feel…. Oh, how powerful and sure you will feel about what is right and wrong to guide your actions. You will be without fear! You will have no doubt that God is with you, and with that inner spiritual power, you can be and do anything if it’s for your own good and the good of others.
May God Bless you all and be strong! You all can do this! We, who are your spirit guides are with you and are waiting. Call on us!


          Inspirational by Alysia Mikesell

Summertime is a time for the kids and family.
Yes, even in a pandemic!

So, take some time to spend with your family and children, make memories with them that you can think back on for a lifetime or to tell stories about on holidays.

Everyone needs breaks in life from school and work, to rest the mind and body, or perhaps get the mind and body in motion. Think of some things that you did with your parents, or come up with new ideas.

Even if major things, like vacations out-of-town, cannot be done due to certain health condition(s) or circumstance(s). If we put our creative minds to work, there is always something fun that can be done!

PRAYER: Dear God, I feel the need to ask You   for the necessary strength so as to support the test that You have sent me…I submit myself with resignation, but I am so weak I fear I will succumb if You do not uphold me. Do not abandon me, Lord, because without You I am nothing. AMEN

(Excerpt from Kardec’s The Gospel according to Spiritism, Ch. 28 and translated by Janet Duncan)
Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Director


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